Flash drive Including Lightning and USB 3.1 ports two in one.

        When mentioning the name Apacer, then it is not. Apacer recently launched the AH790 Dual Interface USB flash drive that supports both the USB 3.1 port on the PC and the Lightning connector on the iOS device. There are two capacities to choose from. 32GB and 64GB

It can transfer data such as photos, videos, audio files, documents, etc. from iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad into the flash drive. Through the iFileBridge application immediately with such cool features.

  • One-Touch Backup: Back up all your data with one simple click.
  • Capture and store: Can save photos or videos directly to the flash drive. (This feature. No need for iOS device memory space.)

And many other features. In addition Can also browse image files. Or video from the flash drive through the iFileBridge as well.

In terms of safety, the Apacer AH790 is certified to the MFi standard. It works perfectly with the iPhone and iPad, plus the Zinc Alloy is sturdy and features a swivel 360 degree swivel design that features a four-point break. And there are channels. Prevent dropping.

It is another great innovation. That would help solve the “low capacity” or “full capacity” for the iOS system has seen this. Everyone would like to know the price, right? The 2-head AH790 is a price tag that is. Unfortunately, Apacer has not revealed the price yet. If you have any news. We will update for you to know for sure.



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